West Bengal Tribal Development Co-operative Corporation Ltd.

Tribal Development Department, Govt. of West Bengal

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The Board of Directors consists of 15 elected and 12 nominated Directors. Besides, the Managing Director and one employee of WBTDCC LTD. have been included in the Board as ex-officio Director and Employees` Representative respectively. Some of the Directors are elected by the delegates in the Annual General Meeting and other Directors are nominated by the State Govt. under Section –33 of the WBCS Act, 1983. The Board of Directors exercise its power and performs its duties in accordance with the provisions of the said Act and the Rules framed there under. Presently the Board is headed by the Minister of State, B.C.W. Department, Govt. of W.B. as its Chairperson.


The Managing Director is the executive head of WBTDCC LTD. He works under the general guidance and supervision of the Board. He is also the ex-officio Additional Registrar of Co-operative Societies and in this capacity he accords registration of new LAMPS and exercises control over the LAMPS. He supervises the overall activities of WBTDCC through different sections, each section being headed by either an Assistant Managing Director or a Finance Officer or a Junior Project Officer